for you, future owners
of a luxury property

Experts in exceptional properties in the Luxury Properties Business Centre meet the requirements of a clientele in search of luxury properties.

Prestigious services for your future luxury residence:

• Personalized mortgages(1) for your luxury real estate project, tailored to your situation and goals.

• Bespoke investments(2) proposed in partnership with the Natixis Bank of Luxembourg to finance your future prestige property.

Are you planning to acquire a prestige property requiring financing?

(1) In the context of a mortgage, subject to acceptance of your application for a loan to finance a main residence by the lender, La Caisse d’Epargne Côte d’Azur, the borrower disposes of a period of reflection of 10 days before accepting the offer of a loan. Completion of the sale is subject to the granting of a loan. If it is not obtained, the seller must reimburse the sums paid.
(2) See terms and conditions provided by your advisor.